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Is your community organisation already featured in our directory? Login to update your details, add images and promote your events and activities.


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Does your community group or not for profit organisation offer activities or services for people who live in Kirklees? Join our directory to promote what you do.


  • For help please click on the arrow:
  • Adding an organisation Adding an organisation
  • Adding an event or activity Adding an event or activity
  • Editing an existing organisation Editing an existing organisation
  • Contact Community Directory Contacting Community Directory

Before adding your organisation, please be sure it’s not already on Community Directory. If your organisation is on see the notes on editing an existing entry.

To add your organisation:

If you’re already registered log in and click on ‘Add organisation’

If you’re not registered go back to the Register screen and click on ‘Register now’

Once registered you will be able to add an organisation.

At first we ask for:

  • Description – what your organisation does and who it’s for.
  • Venue – where your organisation meets or has its public office.
  • Contact - any ways of contacting your organisation that you’re happy to publish on the Web.

Click on Submit and the details will come through to us.

We check your group can be included, and email you to say the entry’s been approved. Community Directory isn’t staffed all the time, so this may be the same day, or up to a few days.

After submitting the entry you can add more details including:

  • Website
  • Images
  • Key words (words not in the group name that people might search on)
  • Links and PDF documents

Once the organisation has been approved you can also add:

  • Events (concerts, plays, sales, open days, etc.)
  • Activities (dates of regular meetings or activities)

If you have any queries please contact Community Directory.

Events and activities are added through an organisation entry. It is usually the group running them although this isn’t crucial.

If you don’t have the login for your organisation: see Editing an existing organisation

If your group isn’t listed: see Adding an organisation

If you add an organisation simply to add an event:

  • Your organisation details may not be published - e.g. if you’re based outside Kirklees – but you can add a Kirklees event in the normal way.
  • If you’re an individual organiser, not part of a group, you can create an ‘organisation’ using your name. This won’t be published, but you can then add an event.

You can add and edit events and activities on the page after you log in, or can go into your organisation entry and scroll down to Events and Activities.

Events are essentially ‘one-off’ items e.g. concerts, plays, sales.

Activities are regular meetings or activities, usually weekly or monthly, and exhibitions of more than a few days.

On the public screen for Community Directory, events are displayed as What’s On and activities are under Things to Do. Both are also displayed on the Council’s events page

More help in how to add events and activities is given as part of those fields.

If your group is already on Community Directory the login holder is likely to be the main contact shown for the group.

If he or she can’t remember it there is a forgotten login facility on the login page and this should work through the main contact’s email.

If it doesn’t work, or if the main contact has left the group, please contact us on Please mention the name of the organisation you’d like to edit, and your connection to this organisation.

Community Directory is not staffed all the time and so it is usually best to email on

To telephone please call 01484 221000 and ask for ‘Community Directory’. If no one is in the office you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.