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Chol Theatre: "CLICK! The Internet genie" (aged 7 to 11)

About the event

CLICK: The Internet Genie is an impactful and engaging piece of interactive theatre exploring internet safety. The show is suitable for young people aged 7 – 11 and their parents.

During the show your young people will meet Amelia and Adam, who are both contacted by a mysterious genie online. The genie offers Amelia 3 wishes, and Adam a membership in an elite gaming club.

To get their prizes, the genie asks them to prove themselves through a series of challenges. Both of them try to keep the genie a secret from their parents. It's up to your young people to show Amelia and Adam how to avoid genies online, and stay safe.

Free but please click on the link under Further Information to check availability and book.

At various libraries - please see dates and venues.

Dates and venues

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