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Step Up day Centre (Ravensthorpe)

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  1. Step Up Day Service is based in Ravensthorpe Dewsbury, we provide day services to people 18 and over with special and complex needs.

    We offer:
    A structured timetable between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday includes Arts and Crafts, Baking, DT, IT, learning, Science, and exercise including Yoga, Zumba, chair exercises and dance.

    We are open all year round apart from bank holidays, staff training days, Christmas and one week during summer.

    We provide a complete and comprehensive service which provides support to enhance independence and life skills for adults with learning difficulties and / or with complex needs, to encourage social interaction and learn new skills.

    Although we are a centre based provision, we arrange bowling, we explore the local area in good weather and if we are able to do so, and just have lots of fun!
    We have Person centred approach and support plans are tailored according to the individual skills and abilities.

    Step Up believes in close personal attention to each individual is essential to be able to provide a quality experience for all the service users, so they can live life to their full potential.

    The centre is wheelchair friendly, safe and secure, providing an excellent space where the individual can be taken care of during the day and supported to enhance independence, and life skills.

    There is an onsite Sensory room for people who require sensory stimulus.

    There is a menu to promote users to eat healthy and encourage them to participate in making a simple light lunch with ingredients provided by Step up, however they also have the option to bring in lunch should they choose to bring food from home.

    We now have a separate hub called the ‘Learning and Development Centre’ for the more independent users who may currently already be attending college or are limited to attend further education due to certain care needs and support.


Veena Hussein
Day Service Manager
01924 978669

Organisation last updated

  1. 09 October 2023

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  2. Ravensthorpe Community Centre, 24, Garden Street, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, WF13 3AR
  3. Opening times:
  4. MON - FRI 9am-3pm
    1. All key services are accessible. Wheelchair access
    2. Either, there are specially marked parking spaces for disabled people, or disabled people can park within 50 metres of an accessible entrance. Disabled parking
    3. There is a toilet which can be accessed by people with disabilities including wheelchair users. This means that it complies with the standards set out in Part M of the Building Regulations,'Access to and use of buildings. Fully accessible toilet


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New Learning and Development Centre now open for independent users

  1. News content

  2. 09/10/2023

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