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Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo

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  1. A family friendly martial arts club, enjoy training in a relaxed atmosphere, all instructors are fully qualified, insured, CRB checked and 1st aid qualified.

    There are 3 floors for specific groups, A family room for young children and their parents, A fully soft matted dojo for older children and a fully matted formal dojo for adults only.

    Please see our website for exact details of our location.

    We offer :

    Adult Bujinkan classes

    Women only classes.

    Martial arts for Kids.

    Tai Chi

    Ages for Kids classes are 4 years to 7 years old, and 8 years to 15 years old.

    Class Format

    The underlying principle is that training is available to all

    - Warm up and stretching to avoid injury and build flexibility

    - How to fall safely and minimise injury from blows

    - Punching and hand strikes

    - Kicking

    - Blocking

    - Locks

    - Throws

    The main class is focused on the techniques being taught in Japan during the year and realistic self defence

    Ehac class is different, but will cover some of the following:

    - Defences from a wide variety of strikes

    - Escapes from chokes and holds

    - The use of any area of your body to strike

    - More advanced locks, chokes, throws, grips etc

    - Leaping and rolls

    - Balance breaking

    - The use of distance and space 

       (working in close quarters and at longer distances)

    - Dealing with multiple opponents

    - Ninjutsu

    - Deception

    - The use of weapons

    - Unarmed defence from armed opponents

    Training days and times:

    Thursday 7pm to 9pm adults only

    Sunday 10.30am to 1pm adults only

    Classes are planned for weekdays too if there is an interest there, please contact us for details.

    What to wear:

    Something loose and comfortable, e.g. joggers, t-shirt, socks, no shoes or trainers.


Norman Smithers
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu(Ninjutsu)

The Mill Savile Street, Crow Ln, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4PG

07900 605000
Julie Poulter
shodan instructor and owner of Active Bodies
07738 208586

Organisation last updated

  1. 11 November 2019

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Kouryuu Dojo Milnsbridge

  1. The Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo is based at Hastingwood village hall in Harlow, Essex and was formed in 1988 by Norman Smithers under the then European Bujinkan Ninjutsu Society (E.B.N.S.). Born in 1947, Norman first started training under Sensei Hatsumi in 1982.

    In September 2002 Norman formed the Bujinkan Kouryuu Dojo. He was awarded Judan Chi-Gyo (10th Dan) in Japan in April 2001, then in April 2006, again in Japan, he was graded to Judan Ku-Gyo Happo Biken (15th) Dan, Soke also awarded him with the warrior name of Kouryuu, or Ferocious Dragon.
    In September 2008 Soke awarded him The Bujinkan Gold Medal for services to the Bujinkan, and in December 2012 the Bufu Ikkan (martial wind) certificate, this for helping disseminate the correct teaching of Hatsumi Sensei.

    Norman was an active member of the French Foreign Legion from 1976 until 1981 where he was a Corporal Instructor based at Castelnaudary before moving to the 2nd Regiment Etrangere Parachutistes where he earned his wings. He saw active combat during the 6 months he was stationed in Tchad before leaving the Legion and joining the British Special Forces (H.A.C) in 1983. He was called up for duty during the 1991 Gulf conflict, but the Iraqis gave up when they heard he was on his way! Other than training in the Bujinkan directly under Hatsumi Soke, he also studied in Feng Sau Kung Fu for five years with his brother, but chose to discontinue this as it clashed with other activities.

  2. 11/11/2019


  1. The Kouryuu dojo has been in existence since 1988, the chief instructor Norman Smithers Shihan has been training in the Bujinkan arts since early 1982, the main kouryuu dojo is based in Harlow, Essex but Norman has now moved to Huddersfield where he now instructs from, he has other dojo's in leeds, Nottingham/derby, Northampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Malta.
    Norman travels to Japan twice a year for his own training with the Japanese shihan, notably, Hatsumi Soke, Nagato Shihan and Someya Shihan(his personal teacher since 1998)
    Training as in Japan is relaxed and friendly

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