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Lepton Methodist Church

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  1. Lepton Methodist Church is a medium-size Methodist Church (with around 30 regular worshippers and about 70 others linked). It is located in the centre of Lepton, having moved there in 1994 from an earlier building on the outskirts. The move was stimulated by a desire to be at the centre of the community as the church has always placed service to the community at the top of its agenda.

    The 1994 building is a lovely, single storey, flexible, multi-purpose facility.

    At the time of writing, 4 groups use the facility: Lepton Luncheon Club, Neighbourhood Coffee and Chat, Lepton Community Link and Lepton Friendship Group.

    These are community groups and are in addition to the church groups which meet for prayer, Bible study, fellowship and worship. On average about 100 people use the premises each week.

    For enquiries please use the contact form on our website.


Ann Wilson
Lettings enquiries
01484 341864

Organisation last updated

  1. 07 November 2023

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  1. Lepton Methodist Church, Ings Way West, Lepton, Huddersfield, HD8 0ES
    1. All key services are accessible. Wheelchair access
    2. Either, there are specially marked parking spaces for disabled people, or disabled people can park within 50 metres of an accessible entrance. Disabled parking
    3. There is a toilet which can be accessed by people with disabilities including wheelchair users. This means that it complies with the standards set out in Part M of the Building Regulations,'Access to and use of buildings. Fully accessible toilet
    4. There is a loop system. Please contact the venue if you need further information. Loop system
    The church is on one level, with access from the pavement without a ramp, and all rooms are accessible once inside. On street parking available.


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Kitchen upgrade

  1. With the help of many organisations including KMC Community Liaison, Kirkburton Parish Council and Grassroots Grants, the kitchen has recently been refurbished to meet the latest health and safety and hygiene standards.

  2. 07/11/2023


  1. Lepton Methodist Church traces its origins back to 1835 when stone was donated to build a Primitive Methodist Chapel on Wakefield Road which ran in between the hamlets of Great and Little Lepton. At that time most of the members would have been engaged in textiles (60%), agriculture or mining, and were dispersed over a large number of hamlets within the Kirkheaton Parish. The chapel was quite small and was one of several Methodist churches in the area, the closest ones being at Cowms (opened in 1814) and Rowley Hill (opened in 1887).

    By the end of the nineteenth century the members wanted to build a larger church, especially as the Sunday School was increasing significantly in size, and a plot was purchased further down Wakefield Road. A new building eventually opened in 1937, intended to be used initially as a Sunday School, with a church to be built alongside. However, the large-scale, post-war housing developments took place to the south and west of Great and Little Lepton and the church found itself on the edge of the expansion. So the members began to feel that they needed to move again to be in the centre of the Lepton community.

    After much prayer and discussion, a plot was found in the late-1980s and a decision was made to build a new church in the centre of Lepton. The new building was opened in 1994 and it has taken on the role in the community that its earlier members believed to be essential.


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