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Kirklees Anglo-Scandinavian Society

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  1. A small group of people in the Huddersfield area with connections to or an interest in Scandinavia.
    For programme and forthcoming events, see Website or contact Secretary.
    Occasional meetings, usually in members' homes on midweek evenings, starting at 7.30pm or 8pm.


Alan Wheeler

26 Town End Avenue Holmfirth, Huddersfield HD9 1QW

01484 686012
07762 018349

Organisation last updated

  1. 20 January 2020

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  1. Almondbury Civic Youth Club (originally located at the old Fenay Lane School and later in Southfield Road in purpose-built premises) organised two holidays a year to coincide with the engineers and the textile weeks holidays.

    On 22 July 1960, a party of 38 young men and women set out from Almondbury Youth Club on their first Club holiday to Denmark and Sweden at an inclusive cost of £25-10-0 for 14 days. The accommodation was in youth hostels in Elsinore(Helsingør) and Helsingborg, plus 5 days hotel in Copenhagen. Leaders of the party were Peter Nettleton, Bob Hallsworth and Pauline Sunley. All participants enjoyed this trip so much that many more visits to Scandinavia were organised.

    On 10 August 1962, a group went on another 14 day visit costing a total of £28. On this occasion they met the local young people to play them at football and at a swimming gala. Visits were made to Odense, Køge, Helsingborg and Copenhagen. Football was played in Elsinore and Copenhagen. Mitre Sports(Huddersfield) Ltd. very kindly supplied the footballs to present to the hosts.

    1963 By now enthusiasm for holidays in the Scandinavian countries had been engineered and with members wishing to learn more about the Danish Way of Life, a Danish Week was organised from 25 February-2 March 1963. The official opening was performed by Danish soldiers from the Falsterske Fodregiment, Vordsingborg, by kind permission of the commanding officer. A wonderful week followed with Danish films, free samples of Danish food, Soccer matches, Dances, Games and Talks.

    1963 The Director of the Danish institute in Edinburgh - Mr Mogens Kay-Larsen, having supplied books, flags, films and magazines for the “Danish Week”, and knowing of our enthusiasm for Denmark suggested that we form a “Danish Circle” in the district (with the possibility of this leading to a Scandinavian Society). The idea was greeted with much enthusiasm, and meetings and talks duly took place on a regular basis. However, at this time membership was somewhat limited to club members and staff. Peter Nettleton then approached the Chief Education Officer at that time to ask if he would allow members of the public to attend the “Danish Circle”,and he agreed, providing that meetings were of an educational nature and perhaps the fact that his wife was Swedish helped.
    Two further Scandinavian holidays were organised - one in August 1963 and one in July 1964. The society was now known as the Anglo-Danish Society, Huddersfield and District, and the meetings continued to be well attended.

    On 20 November 1964, a meeting was held to approve a new name “The Woollen District of Yorkshire Anglo-Danish Society”, and the proposed constitution.

    On 16 November 1965, a “launch”, advertised in the Huddersfield Examiner was held at the George Hotel, with Mr Mogens Kay-Larsen as guest, and attracted over 60 people.

    On 12 November 1974, (AGM) it was decided to include all the Scandinavian countries and the society was renamed “The Kirklees Anglo-Scandinavian Society”.
    The meetings have been held regularly at various places over the years, in the early days on an educational basis, but also with talks and outings and celebrations of Scandinavian traditions.

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