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Help someone local to you who is feeling lonely - training event

About the event

In your community - there are lots of people who wake up feeling lonely and go to bed feeling the same way. And the next day, and the next, and the next. While you go about your busy daily routine with work, family and friends, they may spend the day entirely on their own with no prospect of any visitors or days out for weeks to come.

We know a way that you can help someone who is feeling lonely. If you can spare just one hour of your time a week, you can bring some company, chatter and cheerfulness into someones life. We provide full training and support and reimburse your out of pocket expenses. Our volunteers tell us that befriending is incredibly rewarding - they love spending time with their friend.

Your friendship can make all the difference to someone who is feeling the crushing effects of loneliness. Come along to our training event to register as one of our brilliant volunteer befrienders.

Please contact us or see the facebook link under Further Information for more details.


Jo Cox House (formerly Batley Resource Centre)

90 Commercial Street, Batley, WF17 5DS

01924 479082
Yorkshire Children's Centre

Brian Jackson House New Norh Parade, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP

01484 519988

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