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Pairs: How To Be Amazingly Happy / Fawn

About the event

Pairs are specially curated evenings of discovery – each is a double bill of a theatre performance twinned with a short dance work.

Victoria Firth
How to be Amazingly Happy!
Victoria is on a quest to discover how you make a new life when you can’t have the one you imagined. In this big-hearted, big thinking show of storytelling and physical comedy our heroine’s mid-life search for joy, identity and belonging features public
displays of playfulness, private truths and sheer bloody mindedness. Join Victoria as she asks – is it possible to be happy without kids?

Lizzie Klotz
Why do we seek to please? And how? Complimenting, flattering, being obedient, doing something really well whilst remaining humble.

Fawn considers the act of pleasing as an instinctive response to fear, threat and failure. As a solo work, fawn draws parallels between the relationship of pleasing another, pleasing an audience and pleasing oneself – as a person, as a dancer and as a woman.


Lawrence Batley Theatre

Queen's Square Queen Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2SP

01484 430528

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