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Inka The Polar Bear at the Piazza

About the event

As their sea ice habitat recedes earlier in the spring and forms later in the autumn, polar bears have begun exploring areas of the human population. Meet Inka, driven South from her maternal den high on the Arctic ice; she seeks a new home for herself and her cubs.

Accompanied by a Sami gentleman from Svalbard, they have arrived on our shores with a plea for change. The curtailment of carbon emissions, a switch to cleaner fuels and more sustainable economic practices. Step forward and meet the planets largest carnivore (she’s friendly), soothe her cubs and pose for a photo.

Free roaming performances at 11.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm


The Piazza Shopping Centre Office

23 Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield, HD1 2RS

01484 534594

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