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Crown Green Bowls Dome, Huddersfield


  1. Hourly sessions costs:

    £2.60 for adults with Kirklees Active Leisure (KAL) card

    £3.10 for adults without KAL card

    £1.30 for juniors with Kirklees Active Leisure (KAL) card

    £1.55 for juniors without KAL card

    Booking is recommended (through the Leeds Road office). Office and Dome opening times are:

    Monday to Thursday: 9am to 10pm

    Friday: 9am to 9pm

    Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 8pm

    Bowling sessions usually start 30 minutes after opening, and end 30 minutes before closing.

    Bowlers of all ages and abilities can enjoy the sport all year round thanks to an ''air-dome'' structure that protects the green and the bowlers from the elements.

    The 10.5 metre high dome is made of a tough double-skin UPVC-coated fabric which is inflated using a mechanical unit. Natural light filters through it so artificial lighting is not required during the day.

    The air inside the dome is renewed up to three times an hour.

    The green (37 metres square) is built on the former crown green bowling site at the Leeds Road Sports Complex and is of a very high standard. The combination of an inflatable dome, bowling surface and crown green make this facility unique in the country.

    Competitions and matches will be held at the venue and there will be opportunities for practice and ''friendlies''.

    The artificial surface is low maintenance but behaves similar to traditional grass greens. the crown green, constructed ''perfectly'' will develop its own character over time.


Leeds Road Sports Complex

Leeds Road
Huddersfield HD2 1YY

01484 223178


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