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Ansaar Organisation


  1. The Ansaar Organisation is a voluntary, non-profit community based group dedicated to develop a successful and confident community through networking, educating, encouraging and empowering young people and communities to develop and make a valuable contribution to the economic, spiritual, social and civic life of Kirklees.

    Working in partnership with other community groups and statutory agencies the Ansaar Organisation through the medium of sports, social and recreational activities aims to help participants develop a more holistic understanding of the community as well as encourage further development of personal, social and educational skills.



Unit 14 Bretton Street Enterprise Centre
Savile Town Dewsbury WF12 9DB

01924 438126


  1. Bretton Street Enterprise Centre, Bretfield Court, Savile Town, Dewsbury, WF12 9DB
    1. All key services are accessible. Wheelchair access
    2. Either, there are specially marked parking spaces for disabled people, or disabled people can park within 50 metres of an accessible entrance. Disabled parking
    3. There is a toilet which can be accessed by people with disabilities including wheelchair users. This means that it complies with the standards set out in Part M of the Building Regulations,'Access to and use of buildings. Fully accessible toilet


  1. Ansaar was formed by a group of volunteers from across Dewsbury and Batley in 2001 who felt that important issues on grounds of social, health, education and recreation were not being promoted to its full potential. The group came together to look at different ways in which they could help the youth in the community, within North Kirklees and to develop necessary social, moral, educational and recreational skills to empower them.

    Ansaar Organisation through partnership working with statutory and non-statutory organisations set about creating opportunities and activities, which provided a forum and foundation for young people to engage with and utilise the different opportunities available to them within the area. Ansaar Organisation focuses its efforts on working with the large Muslim Community in these areas but our services are open to all. Working closely with madrassah''s, schools, churches, community groups and centres we have successfully enjoyed participation from over 4000 people at our Annual Fun and Sports Day Events each year.

    By working closely with different sectors of the communities in organising sports fun day events that promote and breed a better understanding of cultures whilst informing the public of values of education, sport and health which plays a vital role in building strong communities.

    We hold two events yearly, one being exclusively for fathers and children and the other for mothers and children only.


You can contact the group by Minicom / Text phone, fax or email You can contact the group by Minicom / Text phone, fax or email

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