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Cobwebs (Combating Obesity)


  1. Cobwebs is a charity supporting obese children and young people, and help them overcoming bullying in school.

    We provide specialist one-to-one and group counselling and support with fully qualified counsellors who are members of BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)

    We design, develop and deliver a variety of educational and social activities to children to combat obesity. Projects are designed to increase self awareness and to inform on issues of weight and well-being.

    We deliver workshops and training to health professionals, social workers, youth workers, mentors and other school personnel.


Patricia Sadio
Executive Director

PO Box 638
Huddersfield HD4 5XP

07814 582717


  1. Cobwebs was started in 2002. It developed out of the need for more individual support for obese people.

    Recognising the levels of bullying, peer rejection, verbal and physical abuse levelled at obese children Cobwebs worked almost exclusively with children aged 11 to 18yrs providing an after-school club and awaydays.

    Childrens Fund Kirklees commissioned us to research obesity in Kirklees. A report entitled An Insight into Obesity in Kirklees - Children and Young People. was produced in 2004. Increasing feelings of well-being was highlighted along with greater multi-agency working.

    Through the young people, our services are tailored around their needs. Some choose to have one-to-one time, some avoid it. Some choose to only join in social activities some want to talk about their weight, some don't. Each express differing needs but they all enjoy ''hooking up'' when they feel ready to.

    We do not dictate eating habits or exercise regimes. We encourage and support healthy living - emotionally, mentally and physically through fun and play.

    The children all expressed their fears and difficulties experienced in school so we began entering into dialogue with High Schools and will continue to advocate for more aware and inclusive school environments.

    Some of the children have been engaging with us for all four years helping shape our services. Some now feel ready for more personal assistance. We work with them in their own time and at their own pace.

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