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Dewsbury and District Rambling Club

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  1. Rambling group. Walks cover West, North and South Yorkshire, and Derbyshire.


    Saturdays 9.30am, Minster car park, Link Road, Dewsbury.

    Sundays (times vary) Wellington Road Car Park, Dewsbury(W.R.C.P)

    Walks are graded as follows:

    'A' Over 13 miles. Rough country and/or limited time.

    'B+' 10-13 miles. Hilly country, adequate time.

    'B' 10-12 Miles Moderate country and/or ample time.

    'C' 7-9 miles. Ample time.

    'D' 5-7 miles. Easier.

    Our current walks programme to the end of July is given below. Note that additional walks within the period may be added to this list: When weather or ground conditions are deemed to be unfavourable the leader may cancel the walk or substitute another.

    Wednesday 23rd May - Netherton - 'D' - Park Netherton Community Centre 10.30 am

    Monday 28th May - Coach Trip to Richmond - Sunnybank Rd 8,00am, Link Rd 8.20am, Batley 8.30am Names to Joyce Bradshaw

    Saturday 2nd June - Roberttown - 'D' - Meet at Geordie Pride Lodge. Bus from DBS at 9.33 am

    Wednesday 6th June - Norwood Edge - 'D' - Park in CP near top of B6451 (nr Swinty Reservoir) 9.30 am

    Saturday 16th June - Coxley Valley - 'C' - Meet Link Road 9.30 am

    Wednesday 20 June - Two trails circular - 'D' - Park in Fleet Lane, Woodlesford (Just off B642 10.30 am

    Sunday 24 June - Crompton Circuit - 'B' - Meet WRCP 9.00 am

    Saturday 30th June - Deer Hill Reservoir - 'D' - Meet Link Road 9.30 am

    Sunday 1st July - Bordley Town - 'B' - Meet WRCP 9.00 am

    Wednesday 4th July - Walk and strawberry tea - Mount Tabor Church, Chidswell Lane, Shaw Cross. Cost £5 - Names to Joyce Bradshaw. Walkers 11.00 am, non-walkers 2.30 am

    Sunday 8th July - Huggate - 'B' - Meet WRCP 9.00 am

    Saturday 14th Juky - Garforth and Fly Line - 'C' - Meet Link Road or Park at top of Main Street, Garforth 9.30 am

    Sunday 15th July - Thixondale - 'B' - Meet WRCP 9.00 am

    Wednesday 18th July - Hooton Pagnell - 'D' - Car Park 'The Hostel' in the village 10.30 am

    Wednesday 25th July - Coach Trip to Whitby and Robin Hood's bay. Sunnybank Road 8.00am, Link Road 8.20am, Batley 8.30 am. Names to M Chamberlain

    Saturday 28th July - Dewsbury Minster Circular - 'C' - Meet Link Road 9.30 am

    Sunday 29th July - Connonly - 'B' - Meet WRCP 9.00 am


Joyce Bradshaw

711 Leeds Road
Dewsbury WF12 7HR

Margaret Chamberlain

Organisation last updated.

  1. 20 May 2018

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  1. Dewsbury and District Rambling Club was founded in 1913.

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