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Huddersfield Plus


  1. The aim of Plus (formerly 18 Plus) is to provide young people between the ages of 18 and 35 with fun, enjoyment and personal development through a balance of social, leisure and Charity Fund-raising activities run entirely by volunteers and Committees who are elected from the members by the members.

    The Huddersfield group has no regular meetings at the moment, but links in with the various activities of the Leeds and Bradford groups. The Chairman is happy to receive expressions of interest from local people.


John A Smith

Springfield 490 Manchester Road
Brierley Wood Huddersfield HD4 5BW

01484 658830
07092 119159
0771 564 1001


  1. History image goes here
  2. 18 Plus as we know it today is not the 18 Plus of 50 years ago: in fact it has changed so drastically from its original conception that the people who founded it would not recognise it now. Indeed 18 Plus has changed several times over the intervening years and had many ups and downs.

    The organisation came into being as a result of a report published in 1939 by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust on the lives led by young unemployed men in cities, called Disinherited Youth. 18 Plus was started to cater for those unemployed men but only a very few of them came into contact with it. Ironically, perhaps, it has only blossomed since the days when the country was told it never had it so good. We, today, with a different kind of time on our hands and with money in our pockets have inherited it.

    Now 18 Plus is known as Plus and caters for anyone over 18 with a wide range of activities run in a friendly, social atmosphere.

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