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Castle Hill and the Victoria Tower

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  1. Victoria Tower Opening Hours 2018

    Open 12noon to 4.30pm

    Open every Sat/Sun from: 8th Sept to 21st Oct

    October Half term holidays: 27th Oct to 4th Nov (open every day)

    Christmas Holidays:-

    11am to 3pm
    Open: 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th Dec
    Closed 24th, 25th, 26th Dec

    February 2018 half term holidays:-

    12noon to 4.30pm
    Saturday 16th Feb to Sunday 24th Feb

    Admission charges to Victoria Tower:
    £1.95 for adults, 55p for children and £3.85 for families (2 adults and 2 children).
    Free for Kirklees Passport holders.

    School visits:
    We deliver school visits to Castle Hill to learn more about its history, the geology and its wildlife. Booking is essential for each visit and includes entry to Victoria Tower for a limit of 40 children and guided by our staff.

    Charges for Kirklees Schools:- Half Day - £65.00 (up to 3 hours)
    Full Day - £98.00 (up to 6 hours)

    Charges for non Kirklees schools - Half Day - £93.00 (up to 3 hours)
    Full Day - £157.00 (up to 6 hours)


    Pedestrian access is by steep paths and 'Hillside' byway to the summit where there is a car park. Paths to Victoria Tower from the car park are steep and uneven. Please be aware the access road is not suitable for large vehicles.

    The Tower can be accessed by steps only.

    Public Transport:

    Bus No. 341 stops on Ashes Lane, just below Castle Hill.

    For further information please contact Metroline on 0113 2457676


    Dog Fouling: Please pick it up. It's unsightly, a health hazard and you can be fined.

    Drones: Please read the document below in regards to flying drones in public places.

    Fireworks, Fires, Barbeques and Camping are not allowed due to the damage that has been sustained to the ancient monument and vegetation.

    Please do not release Chinese lanterns from Castle Hill's summit, they can cause extensive fire damage and injury to cattle that live around Castle Hill.

    The use of kite buggies is discouraged due to the damage they can cause to the monument and in regards to safety for other visitors.

    Castle Hill has unpredictable winds for any kite flyer and they should not be used in high winds or thunderstorms. Overhead power cables are close to Castle Hill and kites should not be flown near them.

    Plans for improvements:-

    Managed by Streetscene and Housing, there is an ongoing programme of improvements for Castle Hill with close links with Cummins Turbo Engineering under its Corporate Social Responsibility and means they are reaching out to help our communities and engage of their workforce in addressing community needs including Castle Hill.

    Historic England (formerly English Heritage) and a range of local interest groups and residents are also involved in the planning of improvements for the future as part of the Castle Hill Management Advisory Group.


    The site contains a diverse mosaic of wildlife habitats and working with Natural England, Castle Hill is a designated Local Nature Reserve. There is a number of interpretation panels on footpaths on Castle Hill giving the visitor an insight to its history and wildlife.


    Bikers please be aware that riding on land not forming part of a road is an offence unless you have the express consent of the land owner. We have received a number of complaints regarding motor bikes be ridden over the features of castle hill. This is not permitted and is causing distress to members of the public. Section 59 of the anti social behaviour act gives officers the power to seize vehicles that are being used in a anti social manner. Castle Hill is a very special site and riding motor bikes causes damage and is dangerous. Please be aware that motor cycle officers are patrolling the area and will deal with any offending vehicles.


Julian Brown

Castle Hill Ranger Street Scene and Housing
Flint Street, Fartown Huddersfield HD1 6LG

07870 570914

Organisation last updated.

  1. 14 September 2018

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  1. The history of human activity on the Castle Hill goes back over 4000 years. The site was developed as an iron age hill fort, surrounded by defensive ditches and ramparts. In the Middle Ages there was a castle on the hill, of which the well remains. The present tower was built to commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee of 1897.

    Perched on Castle Hill, Victoria Tower was completed in 1899 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria's reign. The corner-stone of the tower was laid on 25 June 1898 by Mr John Frechville Ramsden and was officially opened by the Earl of Scarborough on 24 June 1899. The walls of the tower are four feet thick at the bottom, tapering to two feet at the top. The tower was renovated in 1960 when the top seven feet were removed. It reaches the height of almost 997 feet above sea level. In November 2012 the lantern light on top of Victoria Tower was replaced due to the original light that had failed. The red LED light on the top of the building meets aviation regulations and uses the same energy as a 35W bulb.

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