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Help with adding events

Help with adding events: Help with adding activities

General guidelines

Please check the details before you publish. You can amend or unpublish an entry at any time. Events are automatically unpublished once their date is passed.

If you choose to ‘Save and edit’ an entry don’t forget to publish it afterwards – the Publish status field is the last field when editing the event.

Event listings remain in your account after expiry. They can be used again by changing the date, but if not you can delete them using the bin symbol. (Please note that deleted events currently remain in the list on your login page. We hope to remedy this soon.)

Remember to add a theme or themes, which helps browsers find the sort of event they want.

Please don’t put whole words in capital letters.

If something appears not to have saved, please go out of the page and then return to it, as sometimes it needs to ‘refresh’.

The system works best if Google Chrome is your browser. Some facilities, notably the dustbin symbol to delete events, seem to work only on Chrome.

Events lasting more than one day

These need to be added a day or a performance at a time.

Add details of the first date or performance until the final screen and then click on Publish or Save and edit.

The entry is now set up. To add the remaining days or performances click on Add date and time.

If you choose to ‘Save and edit’ an entry don’t forget to publish it afterwards – the Publish status field is the last field when editing the event.


Include any ways of contacting you that you’re happy to publish on the Web. If you’re giving someone else’s details, first ensure they’re happy for these details to be published.

If you prefer not to show contact details for your event, you can add a contact whilst setting up the event entry, but then delete it once the entry is saved or published.

For Activities, however, we prefer contact details to be shown, so people can check the next date.

Venue search

All the main event venues in Kirklees are listed, and should come up when you put in the first word or words in the search. If not, try putting in the first word of the street , or search on the village, town or area. Please note that churches are listed by name e.g. St Peter’s, and not usually as Parish Church.

If you still can’t find the venue you need, you can then search on a full list of Kirklees addresses by post code or street name. If you can find the right building or venue, details such as the room can be added in your event description.

Finally, there is an option to create a venue, but please use this only when you have checked the other options.

If your event has several venues in the same area you can put ‘various’ in the first search and bring up a list of areas. If the area you want isn’t shown you can add a new venue ‘Various venues in ……’ using the option to create a venue mentioned above.

If the venue details are particularly complicated you can put in ‘See’ in the first events search, and then select ‘See event details’ from the list which appears. You can then add full details in your event description.


Our themes are like categories, and links to them appear on various relevant pages on the web site.

To add your event to an appropriate theme or themes, scroll down to the Themes field and choose from the list.

Themes can be added to both Events and Activities.

Key words

On the main events search the public can search on a key word or words, and this will pick up on words in the title of your event. If you want them to pick up on more words these can be added to the Short description.

Once the event is set up, you can access the Short description by clicking on Edit description under About the event.

If you move the first paragraph of the Long description to the Short description, the key word search will then work on any words in that paragraph.

You can use a key word search as a web link to select all the events listed in a set (e.g. for an arts festival) - ensure those words (e.g. the name of the festival) are in the title or Short description, and the link will select them.

Further information (links and documents)

In this field you can add links to relevant websites or documents.

If your event is fully presented on a page in another website you may want to add a link to this. Then in the event description mention that more details can be found using the link under Further information.


You can add details of items relating to the event or where it is held, such as parking, public transport, disabled access and toilets, crèche.

Types of event:

  • Dances - One-off dances, or those held less than once a month, should be added as Events.Dances which are held every week or month should go in Activities.
  • Exhibitions - Exhibitions of less than a week can be added as an Event. Exhibitions lasting over a week should be added as an Activity. Public openings, linked workshops and related items however can be added as Events.
  • Talks and workshops - Normally, club meetings are listed as Activities, but if your club has a programme of talks or individual workshops, these can be added as Events.
    You can add them either as:
    - A separate Event entry for each talk, with the title of the talk, and a short description.
    - A single event entry, which in the description lists the dates and titles of your talks, or has a link to a list on your website. As the entry has only one title this needs to be a general one, like Talk on Photography. Then use ‘Add date and time’ for the date of each talk, so that the entry will appear in the listings for that date.


Programmes of different walks can be added as one Event, with a general title like ‘Walk with Huddersfield Ramblers’, and a full list of the walks in the Description or a link to one in the Further Information field.

Or each walk can be added as a separate event.

The venue list may not include the meeting place you want. Please see Venue Search help above. If the meeting place is complicated you can put in ‘See’ in the first events search, and then select ‘See event details’ from the list which appears. You can then add full details in the event description.

Help with adding activities

Activities are displayed in the Things to Do listings in Community Directory, and on the Events page

Dates – you can add dates as far ahead as you like, although in case there are changes of venue, admission etc, a year is a good limit.

The system lists the dates automatically, but please delete any when the activity is not being held, including public holidays.

If there is a chance that some dates may be cancelled at short notice, please mention this in the Description, so that people can check first.

All activities appear in the listing from the first date and remain on until the last date. If an Activity is added before it starts it may appear up to a few weeks before the start date.

The categories for Activities are currently added by us, but we hope to make this self-edit in the future.

You can add more dates to existing Activities entries one date at a time. If you have a lot of dates to add it may be quicker to set up a new entry, so you can add them all at once.

The following items from help with adding events may also be helpful:

Contact Community Directory

Contact us

If you need any help using Community Directory, please contact us.

Community Directory is not staffed all the time and so it is usually best to email on

To telephone please call 01484 221000 and ask for ‘Community Directory’. If no one is in the office you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.