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Gnod (R&D)

About the event

Gnod (R&D) is a stripped back version of the band consisting for this outing of Gnod co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam. After 10 years of Gnod, with over 40 players passing through the ranks, Gnod (R&D) is a chance to hit the road and ‘research and develop’ sounds, places, people and atmospheres for the next stages of future Gnod performances.

R&D will find Paddy and Chris improvising with new instruments, sounds and ideas with the option of collaborating with various musicians along the way.

There will be an open stage at Gnod (R&D) shows and people are encouraged to get involved be it singing, shouting, dancing, bringing an instrument or device to the table, or just simply tuning in and coming along for the ride.

Takes place in the Phipps Hall.
Please click on the link under Further Information for more details.

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